Take Control Patient Booklets

Client: Ortho Biotech

A series of educational booklets including self-assessment tools aimed at patients with anemia created to empower them to take an active role in the management of their own health regimens were made available through medical practitioners and clinics. My role as Art Director was to select photography, design layouts of the booklets, choose theme colors, and manage mechanical and production as well as coordinating delivery to warehouse.


Provide practical and easily understandable guidance to patients facing low red blood cell counts as a result of their medical conditions. These patient educational materials needed to be user-friendly and include self-assessment tools to help monitor how patients are feeling and encourage dialogue with their health care professionals to receive the best treatment options available.

Series Development and Release

In discussions with our client, the theme of “empower yourself” was developed to help patients who may be depressed or overwhelmed by the diagnosis of HIV or hepatitis. By encouraging self-empowerment to recognize things within their control such as eating well and providing tools to record when specifically they are tired and not feeling their best, these booklets strived to curtail feelings of isolation and create a partnership with their health care providers to give the best care possible. To better serve the patients, each booklet was designed to address the specific needs of women, older patients, and newly diagnosed patients and written and presented in a clear and upbeat way with practical advice and guidelines between scheduled office appointments in managing their conditions.