Two Clips from 5 minute animation:  Tumor Cells Metastasizing to Bone and ADT

Bone Metastases in Men Campaign

Client: Amgen Oncology Product Team

Produced for Amgen Oncology, this detailed campaign consisted of an award-winning 3D stereoscopic animation with oversize banners and panels for booth, interactive slides, print components for booth distribution, and coordinated web media. The initial launch was completed on an accelerated schedule of 4 months to premiere all components at a dedicated exhibit booth to disease state education at the Annual Society of Oncology (ASCO) annual international meeting. Not only were all materials delivered on time, the sponsors of ASCO complemented the Amgen Oncology team on the engaging visuals and well presented scientific story.


With only 4 months to the ASCO meeting, the CREO team was called by Amgen Oncology product team to create a unique and compelling story to discuss bone metastases in men with prostate cancer, based on a century old but still clinically valid “seed and soil” concept about the affinity of metastatic cancer cells that often migrate from the prostate to bone where serious degradation and devastating bone lesions can occur.

With all speed, as creative lead, I worked with an international team to develop the key characters and campaign look, worked on development of script and images for storyboard for the 3D stereoscopic animation, lead the team in development of design and execution of exhibit booth panels, interactive slides, and print and web media components.

Awards and Accolades

The booth had excellent traffic and the animation and supporting materials created the presence and engagement with the medical professional community that Amgen Oncology stakeholders had expected. As an additional bonus, the sponsors of ASCO commended Amgen Oncology on their engaging visuals, balanced story, and the exceptional scientific experience provided to the ASCO membership.

The animation went on to garner 2 Pixie  and 2 Daveys awards, including Platinum and Silver in Medical Education and 3D Healthcare categories.