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Specialist in Animations

Extensive experience in product and cellular mechanism of action 3D stereoscopic and nonstereoscopic animations.

Design Leadership

Experienced designer and manager, capable of developing, planning, and delivering quality programs.

Marrying Visuals and Science

Expertise in many clinical areas, able to work with multiple stakeholders to develop meaningful and striking visuals.

Portfolio Preview

Here are a few pieces from my portfolio. From left to right, they include Melanoma Update Immunology Newsletter Series, Bone Metastases in Men With Prostate Cancer, Central Role of MUC1 in Cancer, Neutropenia Animation Series, and Procrit Reimbursement Program.

About Me

I have enjoyed working as a graphic designer, art director, and creative director in medical advertising and communications for most of my career. My experience has been in both large and small companies, and I have had the opportunity not only to work as a part of large creative teams, but also to put together a creative department from the ground up.

Along with refining my design skills over the years, I have been acquiring an expertise in human anatomy, physiology, and the pathology of various diseases that I can have been able to apply to develop characters, images, environments, design themes and palettes that create cohesive visuals that are meaningful and resonate with consumer and health care professional audiences.

  • Creativity as the key to any project...

    and by refining it through diligent research and developing the appropriate visual and content components drives creative solutions that have resonance with the audience.

  • Expertise in exploring direction...

    through research and embracing the science to present enduring and compelling content that is of benefit to the audiences.

  • Visualize...

    imagery that functions in conjunction with thoughtful content for long-lasting and beneficial relationships.

  • Experience...

    enables creative individuals to have productive professional relationships with internal and external partners including product managers, clinical scientists, marketing and research professionals, as well as creative and production vendors, to create the successful solutions, campaigns, and programs.