Procrit and Doxil Reimbursement Programs

Clients: Ortho Biotech and Tibotec Therapeutics

Two series of materials to assist health care professionals in helping their patients navigate reimbursement options for those who qualify for assistance through state and federal programs. The materials needed to be consistent with the brand guidelines and be customized to accommodate insertions specific to particular to state programs. I created the designs for the materials, drew up the die lines for the custom die cutting, coordinated ad placement in medical professional journals, worked with the printers to ensure highest quality control and prescribing information was properly inserted or attached.


As a service to medical practitioners and their patients, Ortho Biotech wanted to create materials that would assist in answering questions on reimbursement for treatment with Procrit®. the materials needed to accurately reflect the brands, be useful and direct in providing hotlines and websites but also be flexible so they could be customized for individual states or pharmacy programs.

Tibotec Therapeutics wanted a similar program materials that would be available to health care professionals assisting their patients with cancer that were eligible to receive reimbursement for their treatment with Doxil®.