MUC1 MOD Animation

Central Role of MUC1 in Cancer

Client: EMD Serono

This multiphase, multiyear program is composed of a 3-minute 3D animation, pathway booklet with presentation on CD-ROM, backgrounder, interactive panels, booth displays, microsite development, and white paper. Initially, we reviewed EMD Serono materials and strategized with the client team to position the story, design the key characters, and bring a cohesive point of view to engage the medical professional audience. The first phase involved the development of story into the stereoscopic 3D animation and print and interactive materials for US and global exhibits, white paper for education of the EMD Serono and Merck KGaA global teams, and finally distribution worldwide via company-sponsored websites.


As a result of our successful work on Bone Metastases in Men With Prostate Cancer, we partnered with EMD Serono to bring to life a compelling story about the emerging research of MUC1 as a valid target for immunologic therapies for non-small cell lung cancer. However, many clinicians are not familiar with the intracellular and extracellular functions of MUC1 on epithelial cells and how inappropriate activation of MUC1 in cancer may have an important or central role in the progression of cancer, especially in non-small cell lung cancer, where successful treatment is limited.

Campaign Participation and Development

As Creative Director, I was able to significantly contribute to the crafting of the original story, review our statements against research and provide my own reviews of clinical research, and then to develop the color palette, the design and detail of the key characters, and draft the frames that would make up the key elements of the 3D animation. As with the Bone Metastases campaign, I supervised and directed execution of visuals and mechanicals, worked on strategies with the client team, developed materials and guided the production of the animatic for international market research. I also observed the market research sessions, evaluated and discussed review of the market research and made recommendations to fine tune the content and visuals.

Merck and EMD Serono management commented on how professional and well presented the market research materials were delivered.

My  responsibilites include oversight of the deliveries to international as well as US exhibits and creating and managing the MUC1 asset library and brand guidelines for visual and materials.